Marc Doutherd - Artist

Printed on: 3/6/2021


An Artist With Vision...

Marc G Doutherd is an accomplished artist whose art will leave an indelible impression on your consciousness. It is likely that after a viewing of his art, the images will be with you for a lifetime.

Marc Doutherd art pieces.

It's easy to see that you're viewing the work of a modern day master. Like any fine actor, athlete, educator, or politician, Marc easily garners respect of his contemporaries. Like the best of the old masters he paints far beyond what he sees. His images tell the greater story like an abstraction of all that an image ever could possibly be. Kirk Parker (RIP)

Marc G. Doutherd (@marcdoutherd) * Instagram photos and videos 2017-12-07_04-57-25 _ Marc Doutherd _ Flickr.html